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Since 1625, the landholdings of the Marqúes de Valdueza have produced some of Spain’s finest honeys.  Acutely sensitive to the environment, the Marqués’ family produces honey easy on the digestion that has been used for centuries as a basic ingredient in the healthy, Mediterranean diet.  Since a bee travels no more than about 3 km fro it’s give, the beekeepers know the honey is sourced from the Marqués’ properties.

Holm Oak from Ávila oaks that feed the Marquis’ Iberian pigs: Bees feed on asap from acorns, resulting in an amber to dark amber color.  Floral with malted and toasty tones, intense and persistent.  Sweet with salty notes. Ideal to pair with meats, dried nuts, cured cheese, and spiced roastes.

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