The finest rices from Spain.  We carry Bomba, Calasparra, Dinamita and Bahia.  Each has it's own history and texture and can be used in a variety of dishes from Paellas to cazuelas.  Ask us, but taste for yourself!

Bomba rice is a unique and highly regarded variety of short grain rice that originates from Spain, specifically the regions of Valencia and Catalonia. Known for its exceptional ability to absorb flavors and retain its shape during cooking, bomba rice is a staple ingredient in traditional Spanish dishes.  There are several different kinds of bomba - Calasparra, J Sendra, Bahia, to name a few.  Some have slightly different grain sizes, and some are slightly more absorbent than others.  Remember, there's more to Spanish rice dishes than just paella.  Try the cazuela dishes and "wet rice" dishes, too, and don't forget about fideuá!

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